Why Natural Breast Enlargement Is Good For Your Health

While getting cosmetic implants could never be described as healthy. Good for your moral maybe, but not your health. Using natural techniques to enhance your breast size has many excellent health benefits.

Your hormones have a key role in both the way you feel and the way you look. Female hormones like estrogen and progesterone are very important to your energy levels, vitality and wellbeing. Plus of course the size of your breast!

If you use natural products like herbal breast supplements and herbal creams to enhance your breasts, you are putting proven hormone balancing ingredients into your body. Plus of course these are entirely natural ingredients and it’s even better if you pick an organic product such as Natureday or Naturaful breast enlargement creams.

How exactly do they benefit us apart from the intended use of breast size increase?

Imbalanced estrogen is not unusual and the symptoms are so wide that most women would not even connect these symptoms with their hormone levels. Including PMS, migraines, lethargy and weight gain, mood swings, allergies, skin problems, hair loss and many more.

An imbalance of Progesterone also causes many varied symptoms, for example tiredness, weight gain, blood sugar problems, panic attacks and many more.

These two important hormones must stay in ratio with one another. Meaning you don’t want too much of one and too little of another, or vice versa.

The herb Dong Quai, which is a key ingredient in all quality herbal breast enlarging products, is an extremely efficient regulator of hormones. It keeps estrogen and progesterone balanced correctly in your body and this is the reason it is such a powerful ingredient for breast enlargement. At the same time, by balancing your hormones, this herb helps to promote vitality and youthful looks. Additionally it helps to reduce the symptoms associated with imbalanced hormones, such as moodiness, gaining weight, headaches, lethargy etc.

Of course Dong Quai is only one of the health enhancing components of herbal breast products. Fenugreek is also a excellent herb for regulating your hormones, along with Saw Palmetto.

Taking these herbs in synergy with one another is crucial and the top performing natural breast enlarging products have perfected a combination that delivers maximum effectiveness for increasing breast size and for giving you the added benefits of having balanced hormones!

Adding in a few of the recommended breast enlarging foods to your diet is also good for you because all these foods are excellent for your health as well as for your breasts.

So in all, getting bigger breasts the natural way is not only a whole lot cheaper and much safer than surgery, but it also helps you feel younger and look great!


The Four Primary Herbs That Increase Breast Size

Every top performing breast pills and creams contain some breast enlarging herbs and there are four primary herbs that are proven to play a part in stimulating the formation of new breast tissue.

Firstly and possibly the most powerful breast enlarging herb is called fenugreek. This herb is an age-old remedy for lots of problems and breast increase is just one of the potential benefits from using it.

It’s very good for breast-feeding mothers who don’t produce enough milk and it’s also highly effective at dealing with the problem symptoms of the menopause. For the purpose of getting bigger breasts it has been hailed as the top herb in this category. All the same, you do need to make sure that you are consuming enough, because many breast enhancing supplements use only very tiny quantities and this might not be enough.

All you need to do is make sure you get a high quality supplement. Plus of course, you can also buy some fenugreek capsules or seeds.

Another breast enlarging herb used commonly in creams and pills is Dong Quai. This is a great manager of our hormones. It’s crucial that our hormones are in balance when trying to get bigger breasts naturally, is that if our hormones are out of balance, it becomes very difficult to get a result.

Having our hormones perfectly balanced, we can get the results we want and we can get those results fairly quickly.

The third important breast enlarging herb is called Saw Palemetto.

This herb is excellent at boosting new breast tissue growth. Again, this one is also used to help nursing mothers produce more milk for their infant. Saw Palmetto is well known too for it’s aphrodisiac properties.

Actually Saw Palmetto is an incredibly powerful herb as it encourages your body to develop more lean tissue, but without the! Additionally, it is a potent tonic for the reproductive organs and works to restore and keep them in good health. This of course includes your breasts.

The fourth herb is Pueraria Mirifica which is often used as the primary ingredient in breast enlargement creamsImage. This herb has anti-cancer properties and research has been conducted that indicate it has a high eliminating effect on breast cancer cells.

For enhancing breast size, Pueraria Mirifica is an estrogenic herb. The correct estrogen levels are crucial for breast enhancement.

Of course there are a number of other plant extracts and herbs that can help with breast enlargement, such as black cohosh, wild yam and red clover. All of them have value, especially when mixed together. However the four covered above are the main four used in breast supplements and creams.

Breast enlarging herbs usually work a lot better when combined and in specific quantities. You can get this optimum mixture in serums and pills. The only thing you should be careful of is whether or not there is a high enough quantity of them in the product you decide to get. Many cheaper brands are full of useless ingredients because the stuff that works tends to be more expensive. It goes without saying, if you buy cheap products you are most likely paying for fillers that do little if anything at all to increase your breast size.

Triactol Bust Serum

Triactol Bust Serum is created from Pueraria mirifica, which we have discussed before when talking about other breast enhancement creams. This plant is very potent as an aid to getting larger breasts, but Triactol inform us that their own specific formula of Pueraria mirifica is superior than any other type.

First fact to be mindful of, is that Triactol Bust Serum is more costly than any of the other regular products, such as Breast Actives, Total Curves and Natureful. All the same, it has a low, low refund rate of less than one percent and this basically means that people are happy with their results.

The company also deliver worldwide and give large discounts of fifty percent or higher if you purchase three months supply at once.

Triactol Bust Serum utilizes only the purest, natural ingredients which have been proved safe via clinical research.

The company that manufactures Triactol make some fairly bold claims, stating that after 42 days of use, that 81 percent of users have significantly enhanced their breasts, 88 percent have experienced lifting of the breasts and 94 percent say their breasts are firmer. Lots of users have gained breast growth of one cup-size or higher.

An extra benefit of this breast serum is that gets rid of stretch marks and wrinkling.

Triactol serum boasts a 60 days money return guarantee. This is pretty good if we consider 94 percent of customers get a positive result inside of 42 days. Plenty time to request a refund if you chance to be in the few who don’t get a positive result.

Reviews show that Triactol works promptly for many users and you can expect to see results in a couple of weeks or maybe less. Further results will be achieved after six weeks and yet more growth after eight weeks of use.

See below for an uncut before and after photograph of a 26 year old user.

Triactol Bust Serum

The makers of this product freely admit that if you cease applying it, your breasts will eventually reduce to their original size and shape. This is going to happen with any of the natural enlargement products, but there are some things you can do to prolong the effect of utilizing these products.

You can also scale down and apply the serum less when you have achieved your maximum breast potential. As an example, rather than applying twice daily, use once a day, or even once every other day.

The way to cut your costs when ordering Triactol Bust Serum, is to buy a 3 month supply or more. This way you can get a fifty percent discount, or even more, plus minimum one free month.

A Comparison of Popular Breast Supplements

It has never been easier to acquire bigger breasts naturally. We have loads to choose from because the array of good quality breast supplements on the market is increasing.

Nevertheless, this in itself can present a problem. How do we decide which ones are the best and which may possibly be a waste of time and money, with so many choices available?

The site Bigger Breasts In 30 Days provides info on all the best selling breast supplements, but for ease of reference, here they are laid out below, with a quick overview of each one. Hopefully this will help you to make a choice.

Breast Actives.

Breast Actives is the top selling product of it’s kind. It has a good track record and been selling for a while. It comprises of cream and pills, both of which should be used twice every day. As exercise and massage can vastly enhance your results, this product also provides you with instructions for these techniques. Breast Actives is a six-month plan and as long as you stay with it, you should see results. End results do vary of course, with some women gaining as much as 1 and half cup sizes, whilst others achieve only half a cup size. You can get up to 2 months supply for free If you purchase this product from the official site.


To get the very best results with Naturaful, it’s advisable to take some breast enlarging herbs in pill, powder, or tea form, such as fenugreek and Dong Quai, since this product is a cream only. That being said, the cream is very potent and results of 2 cup sizes have been reported. The downside would be the overall cost as purchasing Naturaful along with additional herbal breast supplements, works out more costly than purchasing Breast Actives cream plus pills together.

Bust Boom Pills.

Over the past 6 months or so, Bust-Boom has become popular. These are exclusively capsules, so again, for best results it would be an idea to purchase a quality breast enhancement cream to go along with them. You only need one capsule a day and they have the added benefit of clearing up acne and other skin problems. In fact, Bust-Boom is advertised as a breast enhancement and. Acne pill. This supplement has a 90 days empty-bottle money back guarantee and a lot of very good reviews. To be honest though, you actually need to persist for 5-6 months in order to get the maximum results. Purchasing Bust-Boom on its own is comparatively cheap, however if you also purchase a decent breast enhancing to use along with it, the price ends up roughly equal to Breast Actives.

BustMaxx Capsules.

BustMaxx is a little more pricey than Bust-Boom, however it becomes a good deal cheaper if you get four months supply at one time. The company recommend that you use this product for 5 months and claim a 98 percent success rate. It does not have as many good testimonials as does Bust-Boom, however that may just mean that it’s not been sold as much on the Internet. The vast majority of user reviews we find, are about products bought from online stores such as Amazon. A product might be genuinely amazing, however if it is sold through outlets that don’t have a section for users to leave a testimonial, then we won’t see many reviews!

According to BustMaxx, you can attain up to 3 bra sizes utilizing their pills, however running an authority website on natural breast enhancement, three sizes seems to me an overstatement when using just one product for only five months. One to one and half bra sizes of an increase is realistic using natural techniques.

In summary.

The above are of course not the only breast supplements on the market. In reality there are dozens. As natural breast enhancement becomes more and more popular, you can expect yet more supplements to come along. It’s easy to get swamped with options. However, it pays to remember that whilst one breast supplement might work really well for one individual, it might not work so well for another. Choose a best selling product and stay with it for a few months before you resolve whether or not you’re satisfied enough with it. Utilize your selected supplement in combination with extra natural breast enhancement techniques, such as eating some estrogen producing foods, breast exercise and breast massage.

How To Increase Breast Size In 30 Days

How To Increase Breast SizeLooking for information on how to increase breast size fast? Contrary to what the cosmetic surgery companies would like you to believe, it IS possible to get a bigger bust without surgery, AND it’s possible to do this in a fairly short space of time.

What you cannot do of course, is go from an A cup to an E cup. This sort of radical increase is not feasible and most would agree, not recommended anyway.

What you CAN do is go up one, possibly even two cup sizes. One cup size is achievable in your first 30 days using all-natural methods. From thereon you can work towards enhancing your breast further over the following months.

To begin, arm yourself with a good quality breast cream and a high herbal supplement. There are a number of good ones on the market and you can find them easily by doing a Google search.

Next, stock up on foods that boost your estrogen levels. This is the hormone in your bloodstream that has the biggest effect on your breast size

In addition, you will want to practice some breast exercises. These are exercises that work to develop the pectoral muscles that lie directly underneath your breasts. The breast itself is not a muscle and therefore cannot be expanded or toned up through exercise. However, building up the chest wall muscles, the pecs, will push your breasts out and make them LOOK bigger. Exercising your abs will help too because this will help to push the breasts up.

Forget things like breast pumps and other gimmicks or gadgets. These only work at the very high end of the price scale, into the thousands of dollars, and even then, there are many drawbacks associated with using them.

Combine all the above. Cream, breast supplements, breast enhancing foods and exercise. Set yourself a goal to see results at the end of one month but don’t keep measuring your bust every 5 minutes during that first month! Try not to measure at all for the first few weeks.

Set a routine for taking the supplements and applying the breast cream, plus of course your exercises. Stick to that routine without missing a day. All natural methods work much better with consistency, so missing a day, especially early on, can set you right back.

There is so much information available now on how to increase breast size using nothing but natural methods and techniques that can be carried out at home. The biggest advantage about natural breast enhancement is that YOU are in control